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Faith-based Church Services

A Christian Resource for All Faiths?

This area of the website is dedicated to faith-based church services. Whilst it is primarily a Christian resource we hope that other faiths and beliefs can find a home here too.

No matter whether you are Agnostic, Atheist, Non-Believer or a Believer . . .  Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Jew . . . Anglican, Protestant or Catholic we are united in our ability to have faith.  Everyone has and needs faith - living requires faith - faith in oneself and faith in others. Faith is a very personal expression of one's individuality yet represents a choice as to which if any church best reflects our faith and our beliefs.

It is the policy of La Rose Blanche not to discriminate on the faith and beliefs of those that chose to reside here. Faith-based Church Services seeks to reflect this view within a Christian perspective. 

Why a Christian Perspective?

La Rose Blanche Residents are primarily from the countries represented above - countries that have typically Christian heritage.

Whilst many Christians are disappointed at the wave of secularism permeating these countries because Christians believe that the values expressed in the Holy Bible if committed to in the right way - in love and goodness are a perfect recipe for life.

If followed properly these values taught by Jesus would lead to a de-escalation of violence, hatred and intolerance that is permeating almost all of our countries, cities and streets. 

We know too that other faiths if correctly committed to can also bring love and goodness and we welcome such expressions of love here. 

What will you find here?

Amongst other things you will find access to a variety of interdenominational Christian and other faith-based church services that support the good life:

Radio & TV: Easy Access to Faith-based TV & Radio. 

Church without Walls: for those who wish to worship in the comfort of their own home.

Inspiration: Interesting and inspirational sermons, articles, films. and documentaries.

Bible, Science & the Goodlife: Explores the relationship between the Bible, Science and achieving the Good Life

Gallery: Photos for those interested in the architecture, wishing to paint or simply know more about our churches and places of religion. 

SuperBook: Discover this emmy-nominated TV series that explores the truths of the Bible for children aged 7-12. Your grandkids will love it and it forms part of the UK national curriculum.

Other Faiths: A place for other faiths and beliefs. 

God's Creatures: What can we learn from animals and ways by which we can protect all creatures - great and small.

Collection Box: A place to lead you in good works for the benefit of other people and the preservation of God's world.

                                                                                . . . . . .  and more

Saint Martin de Mirambeau - Catholic Church

Christmas Church Services (Masses)

22 & 23 December - [4th. Sunday of Advent]:

     Saturday 22 Dec. - Courpignac 6.00 (Approx. 9.5 kms)

     Sunday 23 Dec. - St. Martin de Mirambeau 10.30 am

24 December - [Nuit de Noel]  

St. Martin de Mirambeau 9.00 pm

25 December - [Jour de Noel]  

St. Martin de Mirambeau 10.30 am

29 & 30 December - [Sainte Famille]:

     Saturday 29 Dec. - Boisredon 6.00 (Approx. 8 Kms)

     Sunday 30 Dec. - St. Martin de Mirambeau 10.30 am

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