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Utilities and Amenities
Sub Committee Minutes



Lin Wilson; John Newberry; Ann Jeffrey; Jim Ingoe


Peter Churchward; Paul Jeffrey; Rick Hamblen

First meeting of this sub-committee

Agenda Items

1. Terms of Reference (ToR)

  • The ToR previously agreed at the Finance and Regulatory Sub-committee was agreed and adopted by  this sub-committee

2. Website

  • PC prepared an activity sheet to lead the discussion on what the website should look like.  The           responses to the activity is circulated as a separate document.

3. WiFi

  • The current infrastructure needs updating, although it was recognised that the costs might be excessive 
  • The use of the WiFi must be more effectively policed.  MAC numbers must be compared to paying users and others denied access to the WiFi server.


1.   Security: Whilst it was felt that the site is a very safe place to live, there remains a discussion to be had about some form of security at the entrance to LRB. ACTION: discuss at Safety and community sub-committee. 

2.   Winterisation: In light of the recent freezing conditions, the Lease Agreement should include a statement about residents being required to be responsible for the winterisation of their own properties and that any costs associated with emergency repairs will be passed to the resident concerned. 

ACTION: a) Further discussion at the Finance and Regulatory sub-committee,

ACTION: b) Residents are required to indicate with red arrow/dot the location of their external stopcock.

3.   Home Insurance:  It was agreed that an audit of the files is required to confirm that all homes have a current insurance certificate. 

ACTION: JN to audit.

4.    Water Pump:  It was noted that the water pump trips frequently.  The sub-committee recommends getting three quotations to fix the problem.  The replacement pump, which has already been purchased, may need to be fitted. ACTION: LW to contact three suppliers for quotations.

Election of Chair:

Jim Ingoe was elected Chairperson for this sub-committee.  LW will write up and distribute minutes for this meeting.

Date of next meeting:

TBC – July 2018

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