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Residents Association

LRBRA - La Rose Blanche Resident's Association

LRBRA President's Message

It has been a strange year, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has gone from total lockdown, to social distancing, the wearing of face masks and the much washing of hands. Apart from the fact that it has been difficult for our holiday visitors to get here, the permanent residents found lockdown on our lovely site, not too onerous.

Despite Brexit and COVID-19, we have had great demand to view properties for sale, and some successful sales have resulted.  We are welcoming some new permanent residents to site as well as new holidaymakers and are happy more have found our wonderful park.

It only remains for me, on behalf of the committee, to wish you all a very pleasant remainder of 2020, enjoy the facilities and clubhouse events at LRB, and to enjoy each other's company in these trying times.

Jim Ingoe President LRBRA 2018-2021

La Rose Blanche Governance

The La Rose Blanche park is managed by the La Rose Blanche  Residents' Association established under French Law. These management rights are contracted to the LRBRA by the owner of the site -Stewart Cook, whose title over the land is registered in France.

Under French law the LRBRA must have a Committee consisting of a President, Secretary and Treasurer.  These positions are mandatory and cannot be changed.

Additional positions are optional.  LRBRA Statutes currently include two optional elected positions - Clubhouse Steward and Vice President.

These positions can be changed if members of the Association vote to change the Statutes.

These positions and the right to vote are limited to paid up members - currently Euro 10.00 per person each year. However, by law, the LRBRA represents all residents of La Rose Blanche.

Volunteer Management Committee

Around August each year the residents of La Rose Blanche have an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the Clubhouse to elect their Committee members for the coming year. Volunteers for these positions make known their intention to stand a few weeks before the AGM.

The current 2020/21 Committee are:

  • President: Jim Ingoe
  • Secretary: Lin Wilson-Newberry
  • Treasurer: Joan Noakes

Additional Positions are:

  • Clubhouse Steward: Ann Jeffrey
  • Vice President: Wayne Noakes

The Management Committee: has overall responsibility for La Rose Blanche on behalf of the owner and all residents . . . 

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