Anne's Poetry Corner

Anne's Poetry Corner is dedicated to Anne Churchward 1937 - 2017

1914 - 1918

"These Wars Must End"

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Anne's Poetry Corner - Calling All Grandkids!

The idea of Anne's Poetry Corner came about when we were looking at providing a number of 'interest and activity areas' on La Rose Blanche's new website. A place where residents could celebrate and contribute to groups that share their interests - a poetry and short story group was suggested by one of the residents - Anne's Poetry Corner, was born.

The idea of dedicating a Poetry Corner to Anne seemed a good way to remember a past resident and kick-start this future interest area online assisted by the fact that Anne had left me access to copious copyrighted poems and stories that will help to get things moving and hopefully inspire others to do the same. 

Maureen Anne Carrington-Churchward or Annie as she was known to her friends, was a prolific writer of short simple poetry and a short story writer with many publications to her credit. The simplicity of Anne's poems reflect an almost Blytonesque outlook on the British countryside and its people during the 50s. The nostalgia she invokes with these simple passages often suggest an old photograph from the album and the pairing of poem and picture is what we try to achieve.  

We hope that Anne's passion for this art form serves as an inspiration to other residents or indeed potential residents of La Rose Blanche to join in the fun of Anne's Poetry Corner sharing their poems, short stories and pictures with us all here. Poetry Corner is open to all - old or young nostalgic or futuristic - all are welcome! So the next time it rains - get the grandkids reading or writing and contributing poems - who knows we might inspire a future Pam Ayres. 

Annie's brother - Peter Churchward 

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A wonderful first impression of new resident, Dulcie Barfield.

August 2019

La Rose Blanche, The White Rose

It's magic, an enigma, it's Never Never Land

The swimming pool, the water is so blue

There's even a dog called Roo

President Jim thought he'd retired

but from morning till night he's on call!

Does Ros have a smile while distributing the post?

I have to confess - I get the most!

There's Lin and Joan, where we have a moan

(but they put it right)

Club Steward Ann and Paul at the bar

they see there's nothing to mar

Our happiness

The park is immaculate, trees abound

There's even lime blossom - a good tea I've found

So let's give a cheer, a high 5

Glad to be alive

At La Rose Blanche, The White Rose

It's magic, an enigma, it's Never Never Land

"a reminder of days at the seaside"

Happy Summer Memories

Happy memories of me down by the sea,

Building sand castles when only three.

Donkey rides, ice cream and pop,

Toffee apples and pink worded rock.

Dear Mum and Dad and Uncle Jack,

Punch and Judy and all that.

Now they have all gone and I am so sad,

But oh so grateful for the best Mum and Dad

Poems for the Grandkids

Rabbits Trip Out

Two little rabbits went into town, 

just to have a look round.

Where have all the Greengrocers gone?

With carrots and lettuce to nibble on!

So Bertie and Bertha set off for home,

It is far more fun in the country to raom!

A Jar of Peanut Butter

Hello, I'm a jar of peanut butter,

Well I never, I hear you mutter. 

The home where I live is like a prison,

But there again, it was not my decision.

In a huge supermarket is where I am,

Stacked on shelves with tins of pineapple and ham!

Rows and rows of jars, packets and tins,

Chocolates, cornflakes, biscuits and things.

With our own tiny space and bar-code, a number you see,

Just like a prisoner in prison, but not for me.

I patiently wait for someone to buy,

Then I start to worry and wonder why?

Next I'm tossed in that dreadful trolley.

with  food and a wet brolly!

Rattled and banged around, then to the check-out.

As I go through the scanner, "I'm so frightened," I shout.

Next stuffed in a bag with goodness knows who!

Yes, baked beans, tea, pork chops and a sausage or two,

Now this is the day I looked forward to for so long ..

Now I wish I was back on the shelf - as this is all wrong!

The Treacle Mine

In Treacle-Tart village down in the West.

Was a treacle mine - one of the very best.

Workmen said 'it was sucked up through a sieve,'

But so thick and sticky, how could that be?

Such strange goings on really puzzle me! 


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Little snow man An all seeing blanket sleeping amongst the trees Immaculate and white as far as eye can see Waiting for the children and …

Wedding Annversary 
Dear Karen, It was the 8th of April in New Zealand, as I gave Jean-Paul the wedding band. This was to be Karen and my special day .. as 18 years of courting …

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                       These Wars Must End
                 Written to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War 1 

Poppy petals fluttering down

Poppy petals cover the ground.

Every one a soldier lost

How many more lives will it cost?

Oh please, God, let there be peace

We pray let these dreadful wars cease.

Men in the forces losing their lives

The appalling sorrow of their darling wives.

May I ask for what gain?

All this bloodshed, sorrow and pain.

Some are training, others campaigning,

But the bullets are still raining.

People's homes bombed to the ground,

Injured and dead all around.

The pitiful cry of a dying child's body crushed

Then a chilling silence and a deadly hush.

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