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Finance & Regulatory
Sub Committee Minutes



Lin Wilson; Gerry Goodwin; Berni Curry; Brian Curry

Electronic contributions from: Eileen Bower; Stephen Gavin


Howard Vian; Peter Churchward 

Approval of Previous Minutes and Matters Arising:

Inaugural meeting

LW welcomed the group and explained the function and purpose of sub-committees

Agenda Items

1.    Terms of Reference

The committee considered that monthly meetings were too frequent and suggested every FOUR months, with the option to called additional meetings when required.

ACTION: Amend Terms of Reference (LW)

2.    Policies and Procedures.

Each policy was reviewed and matters arising discussed as follows:

ACTION: all policies requiring amendment to be altered and re-issued. (LW)

2.1 Annual site fee policy

Discussion about the change of date.  LW confirmed that the reason was to align the Site Fee policy to the accounting period of 1st January to 31st December. SG proposed that the late fees were too harsh and should reflect the circumstances behind the late payment. It was agreed to combine these two issues: Payment of the fee will be 31st December annually, the option for two equal payments remains, a late fee will not be levied until after 31st January at which point it will be charged at €100 (i.e below 5%).  If a late payment still persists after a further 14 days (14th February) the full 10% will be levied.

2.2 Bar and food procedures

References to Clubhouse Steward/Stewardess removed in favour of Clubhouse Steward

GG suggested that quarterly accounts should be presented by the Clubhouse Steward and quarterly stock checks should be undertaken.

SG suggested amending reference to “no drinks to be brought in except on Christmas Day (wine only)”. This was because he considered that some personal preferences in drinks were not available. After discussion the sub-committee did not consider this proposal as the Bar Steward was always amenable to expanding the bar stock to suit customer requirements.

SG suggested receipts were routinely supplied.  It was felt that this was unnecessary as it would cause additional work and the option of receipts were available upon request.

2.3 Clubhouse code of conduct

The sub-committee considered that the word ‘temporarily’ should be added to bullet points 1 and 2 to clarify the suspension of membership following poor and/or inappropriate behaviours.

2.4 Complaints policy

The sub-committee approved the proposed new policy and procedure.  It recommended that instead of Investigating Officer the expression should read Investigating Member.  The sub-committee also considered that a turn-around time of 14 days for off-site investigations may be a little optimistic and suggested 21 days.

2.5 Disciplinary policy

The Sub-committee approved the changes to the Disciplinary policy.  They did suggest that in Section 4 (regarding termination of lease), that the full membership should be part of the decision-making process. 

GG advises that LRBRA should confirm whether the Residents Association has the power to evict or whether they can only recommend action and that the Landowner has this responsibility.  i.e. who is responsible for raising the legal case and the required Court Order.  It is likely that the 2009 Agreement contains this information.

SG suggested that this policy and procedure is scrutinised by a solicitor to confirm appropriateness and fairness etc.

2.6 Electricity invoicing policy

The Sub-committee suggested to remove reference to monies being left in the LRB postbox as being late.  Surely if the resident had posted any payment he/she has committed to that payment so should not be penalised because of office opening hours.

It was also suggested that the Clubhouse was metered for its electricity and paid for within its own accounts, even though this might necessitate a slight rise in prices, it was felt that only those using the club would pay for its electricity.  ACTION: This matter is to be transferred to the Utilities and Amenities Sub-committee for further discussion.

The sub-committee recommends that a short publication be created to demonstrate how the “facturation diverse” cost is calculated, and conveyed to residents.

ACTION: This matter is to be transferred to the Utilities and Amenities Sub-committee for further discussion.

2.7 Emergency contacts

No change required

2.8 Fire prevention policy

The sub-committee suggested adding “and secure” to bullet point 3 in residents’ responsibilities and re-inforcing that residents should not take personal risks when faced with a fire.  SG suggested making the policy more explicit and in line with those of private and public organisations, however it was generally felt that this was not required in this context.

2.9 Fosse septique policy

Contained within the existing policy is reference to residents using biological activators such as Eparcyl to aid the breakdown of material within the fosse septique tanks.  The sub-committee asks for further information on this: How often? By everyone? Are all such product compatible with each other?  It also believed there should be a statement about how frequently the tanks are emptied.

2.10 General contacts

The sub-committee approved the changes. 

ACTION: GG will provide information relating to two contractors who fit awnings. 

2.11 Health and safety statement

No change required

2.12 Home location policy

The sub-committee approved the changes to show the costs and clarity of responsibility of pitching new homes onto a plot. 

ACTION: LW to check the breakdown and accuracy of the costs cited.

2.13 Home sale policy

No change required

2.14 LRBRA membership policy

No change required

2.15 Park policies, rules etc

Bullet 1.3 in Organisation: “The LRBRA Management committee and its membership reserves the right to alter these policies…” Delete: ‘LRBRA Management committee and its’

Additional bullet 2.3 in General is approved

Discussion on bullet 2.8 in General (Speed limit) It was felt that 15mph was inappropriate in France (should be kph) and that it was too low to safely drive up the hills.  A limit of 30kph was recommended with consistent signage to state this.

Pets: There was a discussion about pets.  It was agreed that this should remain as one pet per home and that all dogs must be on leads within the boundaries of the Park.

Swimming Pool: There was further discussion about the swimming pool and whether this is a residents or members facility? Whilst it was preferred to be a member facility (who may bring guests) it needs to be remembered that the upkeep from the pool is part of the site fee. This needs further clarification.

Associate Members: Additional consideration is needed in respect of Associate Members and what rules they need to abide by.  This matter will be added to the Agenda of the next meeting

2.16. Plot reservation policy

The sub-committee considered that continued renewals of deposits it not financially viable.  It suggests a non-refundable deposit of €200 for three months with one option to renew, after which the plot is re-marketed or the site fee is due. It also suggested that non-refundable means that and no reimbursement is given.

2.17 Social events policy

The sub-committee considered that only Full Members may “rent” the clubhouse for which there is a nominal charge of €10.

Following further discussion about Associate Membership at the next meeting there may be a need to add detail about how Associate members may “rent” the facility and at what cost.

2.18 Storage and lock ups policy

No change required

2.19 WiFi policy

No change required

2.20 Work and employment policy

It was strongly suggested to delete the reference to work being done (1.3) had to use the homeowner’ tools.  This seemed an odd requirement.  Similarly, if a volunteer worked for LRBRA they needed to use LRBRA tools (2.3) 

Item 3.2 regarding employing workers “on the black”  The sub-committee agrees that this is not appropriate although having said that it is against the law, it seems odd that disciplinary action (as well as legal action) would happen. Suggest remove disciplinary action.

3.    AOB:

Food Safety training and compliance.  Requirement of those preparing food to have basic training in food hygiene if they do not already hold such certification. ACTION: To be discussed at next meeting

4.    Date of next meeting:

TBC : July 2018

Identified for discussion at next meeting:

Associate Membership – cost, entitlement, rules etc;

Half Year Accounts: scrutiny of half year accounts;

Food Safety training and compliance

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