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Donate and Pay Services

La Rose Blanche Donates to Local School.

See More Donations Here

La Rose Blanche Giving

As part of the World's Biggest Coffee Morning 2018 for Macmillan Cancer Support - La Rose Blanche managed to raise a . . .  

Whopping £300 (Latest Update)

Well done to all involved - organizers and contributors.

See how borrowing a wheelchair can send more cash to this excellent charity Here.

Donation Services

Donation based Services:

  1. Wheelchair Loan: Click Here

Donate to your Favourite Charity:

Thinking of making a one-off or regular periodic donation to a charity?

You can do so directly from this very page - See Below

200 Euros for the Local School

Payment Services (Coming Soon)

LRBRA Services:

You can pay the following LRB fees directly to the LRBA through a single remittance form using secure PayPal transactional services:

Site Rent



LRBRA Membership

Non LRB Services

  1. Justin's Wifi Payment Service
  2. Wayne's Meat Ordering Service 
  3. Karen's English Fayre Ordering 
  4. Mme. Dobby's Visiting Hairdressing Service

Pay Here (Coming Soon)

Service Provider Plans

Donation based Services:

La Rose Blanche now has two wheelchairs available for loan for a small daily fee that goes to charity. So don't struggle bringing your wheelchair from home - borrow one of ours and benefit a charitable concern at the same time.  

The Green Wheelchair

The Green Wheelchair

100% of Fees go to the following charity:

100% of Service Fee is Donated! 

Click Here

To Book your Wheelchair Now

The Black Wheelchair

Details Coming Soon

100% of Fees go to the following charity:


  • If we donate the entire fee for the service to charity we indicate this as follows: '100% of Service Fee Donated.' For Example - See Wheelchair Loan above.
  • If we donate affiliate/referral or commission earnings for any service paying such a fee to this website for their publicity - how we donate on your behalf is indicated as follows: x% Donated/y% Retained Referral Fee - e.g. 20% Donated to indicated charity and 80% retained by LRBRA for allocation to specific local causes or specific site needs such as an unbudgeted expense as decided and reported on by your committee. 

Donate to your Favourite Charity:

It is in the nature of La Rose Blanche residents to help each other give to disserving causes either as part of a collective effort such as a Macmillan Nurses World Wide Coffee Morning Appeal.   What we try to do here is bring together payments you need to make with an easy one-stop-shop for regular donations to disserving charities - some of which might be new to you. As we all know giving is infinitely better than receiving! 

Pay directly to your favourite charity - Now!


Support your Christian Values by donating to Christian Television and spreading the word and love of Jesus and inspiring charitable giving and supporting charitable works.

Revelation Foundation Ltd. is a registered Charity in England & Wales 1100573, Co.Reg. 04930129

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Help Children who are suffering in war torn or deprived areas of the world or lack the most fundamental human right - clean water. 

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Help stop cruelty to animals and help to conserve threatened wild animals on our Earthly home. From the pain of working horses and donkeys to the protection of elephants and rhinos from being poached to extinction. 

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Provide for the essential needs of your fellow man - providing water, sanitation, food, as well as life saving hope and loving care during a journey through Cancer or other desease.

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Help medical charities that aim to research, manage, understand cure, care and support mental and physical disability.

Read: without my dog I'd be dead. Here

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